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Work-Related Injuries

Dr. Li specializes in the treatment of shoulder and knee work-related injuries. He is the only Orthopaedic surgeon that is appointed by the Director of the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) to serve on the Health Care Service Board (HCSB). The HCSB is a 14-member advisory group that represents a variety of healthcare professions concerned with the treatment of injured workers. Additionally, the HCSB develops and endorses treatment guidelines / protocols and develops the eligibility criteria for the management of different work-related injuries for the DIA impartial physician roster. The Massachusetts HCSB board is made up of the following representatives:

  • An ex-officio Chair
  • Physician representatives
  • Physical therapy representative,
  • Chiropractic representative
  • Dentist representative
  • Employee representative
  • Employer representative
  • Public representative, and
  • Hospital administrator representative

Dr. Li has successfully treated many patients who have suffered shoulder or knee while at work. Disorders treated include shoulder dislocations, rotator cuff tears, labral tears, frozen shoulder, biceps tears, clavicle or shoulder fractures, post-traumatic shoulder arthritis, knee ligament tear (ACL, PCL, and multi-ligament injuries), meniscus tears, and cartilage injuries. As a national expert in both shoulder and knee injuries, Dr. Li also specializes in revision or “re-do” procedures for failed surgeries of the shoulder and knee. Many patients come to see Dr. Li for a second opinion throughout the New England area. Please email ortho.workcomp@gmail.com to make an appointment to see Dr. Li. You will be added onto Dr. Li’s clinic schedule and be seen within one week from the date of the injury.

Workman’s compensation is the monetary compensation offered from an employer to an injured employee or to the dependents in cases of death.

Injuries at the work place are very common and may be debilitating. Workplace injuries often occur because of high-risk jobs, lack of safety devices, lack of training, higher number of manual workers and repetitive stress.

An individual will be eligible to claim workman’s compensation if the individual suffers injuries or illnesses during employment and if caused by the nature of work. However, if the injury occurred because of negligence of an individual to obey safety rules, if the individual was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if the disability from the injury lasts for ≤3 days, then the employer will not be liable to pay compensation.

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